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Rebuilding Lakeshore: ARBCA Style

Posted in Christ and Culture,Miscellaneous by sosipater on January 7, 2008

Hey everybody. Things have been very slow here at Follower of The Way and for that I apologize. Other things have been taking up my time but I hope to be offering some major changes to this blog over the next year. Keep checking in to find out what will be going on.

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season and my prayer is that everyone reading this blog will have a great year in 2008.

Some of my brothers and sisters in Christ have started this year out with a bang! Yesterday almost 30 members of my church left to go to Gulfport, Mississippi for a trip that will hopefully change lives. They have teamed up with several churches from our association, ARBCA, and are serving the needs there of people who lost homes in hurricane Katrina.

My friend Nick, our Pastor to Students, will be compiling reports from this trip and you can read all about it at the official web site of this trip at ARBCA in Lakeshore.

I hope you can check in and offer up prayers for all of the team members and residents who will be working together for the Glory of God to serve their neighbors in Mississippi.


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  1. […] very good friend Russ has asked for prayers in his Rebuilding Lakeshore post. The damage in this area is more than many of us realize. I guess if it doesn’t serve […]

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