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The Decalogue

Posted in Christian Theology by sosipater on November 30, 2007

As promised in my previous post, better late than never.

I. Calvin and the Deccaloge : 1) Its Importance.

I agree with the commenter on this post, any government who tries to enforce the first 5 commandments makes me beyond nervous. To me this is problematic because God is the only one capable of enforcing or judging the 1st tablet. A government run by sinful men is not capable of that. This is the great problem of modern day evangelical politics in my opinion.

II. Calvin and the Decalogue: 2) Its Primacy.

For Calvin, the Decalogue was both the fundamental law of the Old Covenant and the fundamental law of all of biblical ethics. This latter assertion can be illustrated in Calvin’s view of the sum of the law. Hesselink says, “…[I]t can be said that Calvin’s high esteem for the law, as summarized in the two tables of the decalog, is nothing other than an attempt to give meaning and content to that which lies at the heart of the Christian ethic, namely, love” (Ibid.). In the Decalogue, Calvin saw a distinct form of the law revealed with reference to its publication in redemptive history, but a normative function of the law with reference to its perpetual utility. “The form of the law is relative to time and circumstance, but the truth of the law ever remains the same” (Hesselink, Calvin …Law, 35).

III. Calvin and the Dacalogue: 3) The Two Tables.

IV. Calvin and the Dacalogue: 4) Interpretive Principles and 5) Abrogation.


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