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History of Christology

Posted in Books,Christian Theology by sosipater on October 7, 2007

For those of you who don’t regularly check in at the Desiring God Blog, check out this post from a few days ago entitled “A Call to Christology”.  From my vantage point it seems evangelical Christianity needs a good dose of the history of the Theology of Christology.  Don’t cults and heretics seem to just reuse the same errors and completely whacked out beliefs about Jesus.  Isn’t that really the most direct and frontal assault on the Christian faith, the attempt to undermine and twist the Biblical understanding of the central figure and person with whom our faith is built on?

So the main point of the blog is to bring to our attention a new book by Stephen Nichols, “For Us and For Our Salvation: The Doctrine of Christ in the Early Church”.  Looks excellent.  You can buy it by clicking on the link for the book.  Guess I need to add it to the wish list (see at the right side of the blog).  (By the way, my birthday is coming up and and its not too late for gift giving enthusiasts to peruse my Amazon wish list and click away!)


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