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Latest CT Article on Mark Driscoll

Posted in Christ and Culture,Christian Theology by sosipater on September 22, 2007

Collin Hansen of Christianity Today has a new article out about Mark Driscoll titled “Pastor Provocateur”.  I’ve read both of Driscoll’s books but this article has some new things that are interesting.  Among the negative stuff is John MacArthur’s criticism of Driscoll’s cultural sensitivity which Pastor Mac calls his “infatuation with the vulgar aspects of contemporary society”.  Although this is not surprising coming from what I would consider a mild fundatmentalist mindset,  I would still like to know exactly what MacArthur is referencing.  Also MacArthur likes to throw around a lot of guarantees and certaintees these days about things that don’t seem that clear cut.  (re: this and his lecture on eschatology earlier this year)  I think Driscoll makes a good point in that he would gladly sit down and take advice from MacArthur, but the offer was never extended.  That is unfortunate.  Here is the conclusion of the article.

“Fundamentalism is really losing the war, and I think it is in part responsible for the rise of what we know as the more liberal end of the emerging church,” Driscoll says. “Because a lot of what is fueling the left end of the emerging church is fatigue with hardcore fundamentalism that throws rocks at culture. But culture is the house that people live in, and it just seems really mean to keep throwing rocks at somebody’s house.”

Few but Driscoll’s friends come to his defense, because no one else can peg him. That’s fine with Driscoll, so long as his band of acculturated missionaries sticks to their tasks. Hundreds of young ministers planting churches around the world, they understand him. They cut him slack as he searches for the balance between provocative and sensitive.

“You can’t escape your upbringing,” says Darrin Patrick, vice president of Acts 29. “Mark is a street fighter.”

And even the Good Shepherd had to fight off wolves.


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