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Back in Time Anyone?

Posted in Miscellaneous by sosipater on August 9, 2007

Man, super killer props to Pete at Contra Tenebras Lux  for playing one of my all time favorites on his blog.  For those of you too young to understand, just play and enjoy one of greatest gifts of the 80’s – Huey Lewis and The News (and their awesome soundtrack for Back To The Future). 


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  1. Peculiar Baptist said,

    Oh sure you weren’t the guy running around all day with this song looping around over and over again in your head. Not to mention the weird looks from the co-workers as I hummed/sang-under-my breath “Back in Time”.

  2. daxw said,

    I’ve only been to two concerts in my whole life. Huey Lewis and the News when this movie came out and Eve 6,ThirdEyeBlind when I was in my early twenties. Huey Lewis and the News was awesome. I went with my mom. How funny is that?

  3. sosipater said,

    Was that concert in Savannah? If so I was there too.

  4. daxw said,

    Huey Lewis and the News was in Savannah. I was in 5th grade so I guess that means you were a junior at Georgia Southern.

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