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Are You GLAAD?

Posted in Christ and Culture,Christian Theology,Government & Politics by sosipater on August 9, 2007

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Are U.S. television networks gay enough? Not yet, but ABC is getting close, according to a gay-rights group.The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) has given the Walt Disney Co.-owned network the highest marks of any of the five major broadcast networks in the group’s first-ever report rating depictions of gay, lesbian and transgender characters and issues on prime-time TV.

Move over Neilson ratings, make room for the GLADD rating system.  You can read the whole article here.  This isn’t such a crazy idea, at least from the homosexual person’s point of view.  We Christians do the same thing with TV stations.  The question is, how do we as Christians communicate our disagreement with homosexuality without seeming like hatemongers who want to stone every gay person in sight?

I have been thinking about this and wonder if the politicization of personal sins like homosexuality has really hurt our witness and hurt our ability to love and be salt and light to those who have given into to the sin of homosexuality.  It is so hard to minister to this group of people when we spend all day getting so worked up over banning gay this and banning gay that.  I mean think about it.  Doesn’t that mindset and goal just make you really mad and angry all the time?

Now, I am not necessarily saying it is wrong to want to see sinful actions illegal, but considering the type of government we have, should we allow the government to make this decision for people?  Isn’t it the Churchs’ job to pronounce what is right and wrong for individuals to do in their bedrooms, not the government?  I’m just thinking out loud here.  This is really two major questions.  Number one, how do we hate the sin but love the sinner enough to be salt and light, and two, what are the spheres of responsibility for the church and the government in this issue.  I’m open to hear your ideas on this.


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  1. bj77 said,

    As far as being salt, I believe that means acting as a preservative in society. Salt was a preservative in the ancient world and I think this is what Christ meant when He told us that we were the salt of the earth. But what makes us salty, in the perservative sense? Simply, God’s law. We have it and it is the only Standard for ethical and moral decisions. Furthermore, the fact that we have His law, which when properly used preserves society from decay, obligates us to use every avenue possible to promote it and impliment it if we believe it to be what we say it is..

    I have a homosexual sister, as many others do and never once have I presented the Gospel to her in a fashion which did not offend her. Why is that? Was it my presentation? I dont think so, but perhaps. I believe that when God’s Law is presented to homosexuals they automatically are offended because they are faced squrely with their sin problem, and need for a Christ. In fact, I would go so far as to say that if you are not offending people to the point of lobbying Washington with posterboards and petitions you are not sharing the Gospel at all, just merely tickling their ears.

    Now for some of your questions:

    “Now, I am not necessarily saying it is wrong to want to see sinful actions illegal, but considering the type of government we have, should we allow the government to make this decision for people?”

    First and foremost, it is “never” wrong for Christians to want to see sinful actions made illegal, Never! So I would not lose any sleep over that issue. As far as our goverment is concerned I am of the persuasion that the goverment should decide to impose whatever laws the peolpe want. If this is a Christian Nation, Christians should write Congressmen, or any other politician and demand that if they vote to leagalize sinful things they will not get our vote. Politicians want votes, plain and simple. If it means they must stand against Gay marriage to get , so be it. We get what we want, and have preserved the land from moral decay. In other words we have been salt.

    “Isn’t it the Churchs’ job to pronounce what is right and wrong for individuals to do in their bedrooms, not the government? ”

    Again, I think the goverment should impose the voice of the majority. If the majority isn’t Christian than strap on your seat belt cause its going to be a bumpy ride. Suppose the individuals in the bedrooms are sacrificing babies to Baal, should the goverment jump in then? Why or why not? The Church should teach against such things, and the goverment should stop it because it is wrong, per God’s Law.

  2. daxw said,

    Russ, You and I discussed this last week and I don’t know if I have anything to add to that conversation for now. I’ll respond to B.J. though.

    We all have knots on our heads from this bumpy ride we’ve been on for the last 80+ years here in America. The problem I believe is that some have tried to tighten up their seat belts and just deal with it while the majority has been looking out the window for another easier road to travel. The whole time ignoring the road they’re on is in bad need of repair. Let’s stop treating the symptom(tighten up seat belts) and break out the steamroller and fix the road.

    P.S.-I took a poll in my SS class last week asking what percentage they think of the population is homosexual. The consensus across the room was around 40-45%. I believe it is around 3%, but I haven’t checked on that statistic in a couple of years. I’ll research it to find out. Television is doing a good job of giving the perception that it is that common when it really is not.

  3. sosipater said,

    I probably have a little different take on what is means to be salt. I don’t deny that God’s law is a part of it, but I think it entails more than that, just like the message of the Bible is more that only God’s Law. An overemphasis on the law can be just as problematic as ignoring God’s law. Too much salt is ruinious. You need just enough. Jesus brought grace and truth per John 17. Not that it was never around, but not like it was in the Emmanuel. Lord help us to find the proper balance looking to Jesus as our example and applying the entire Bible to the question of human institutional spheres of sovereignty.

  4. bj77 said,


    What do you consider salt to mean? When I think of salt I think of a seasoning which makes popcorn taste better, or a preservative. Are you conflating my use of salt as God’s Law? You said to much salt is ruinious, is that the same as saying to much of God’s Law is ruinious? Please clarify so I can understand where you are coming from.

    As for the poplitical arena, I have been thinking about Christians who run for office. I would like some feed back from readers as to what a Christian has to offer society by running for a political office. For instance Ron Paul, albeit he is a professing believer in the Lord Jesus, but since this post is about his view that individuluals have rights endowed to them by the Creator, I would like to know what rights the Creator endowed them with? I take it that by the term Creator he means the God of the Bible, right? If so what right do homosexuals have, or child molesters, or theives, or murders, or slanders, , or abortionist, or fornicators? Should the civil magistrate protect these preferrences said “individuals” have that presumably a Creator endowed them with? If not, why not? I just thought I would throw that out there for” Christians” to chew on. I happen to be very interested in hearing what anyone who is a “Follower of the Way” has to say.

  5. sosipater said,

    Yea, and if you pour a bag of salt on popcorn it tastes worse than if you didn’t put any on at all. My point was law without grace is just legalism. or quickly leads to it for the fallen man. I don’t mean too much of God’s law is bad, but realistically in my experience, those who focus so much on God’s law to the exclusion of grace, usually come across as legalistic nutjobs who wouldn’t know how to find people to be salt to if their lives depended on it. Thats a rather harsh description and I’m painting with a broad brush, but thats how I see it.

    5 out of your 7 goups of people have commited violence against another individual, so those violent acts would not be rights because they are encroaching on the liberty and freedom of another, and violently at that. The other 2 are sins for the Christian, but from a government standpoint they aren’t encroaching on anyone elses ability to live their lives as they please, so I don’t think they fall under the realm of government involvement. Should the church and individuals who believe that that behavoir is harmful to socieity speak out? Absolutely. Thats one opinion.

  6. daxw said,

    If you put a lot of salt on a piece of meat doesn’t it eventually “cure” it? 🙂

  7. bj77 said,

    “Find people to be salt to”????

    What does that mean? How are you using the word “salt”? When I refer to God’s Law I don’t mean “Law abiding unto salvation.” The “Law of God” is “Grace” to an extent. Its graciuos in that it preserves life and maintains society in an orderly fashion when applied. That was one main facit of the Law, to keep the evil hearts of men in line.

    As for “speaking out” being one opinion I am not so sure about that. It seems more like a worldview mandate.

    One more thing….You have drawn a dangerous dictomy between what is a Christian Law and what is just “a law.” The autonomus man is in no position to give laws, he has no foundation. I realize that there is a difference between my examples, but the question is “should there be?” I hope we all can agree the answer is no, or else we become arbitrary in our practice of the Law.
    Autonomus man may make a distinction between such laws, but we must not. The Law Giver Himself has been violently encroached upon. Which leads us back to one of my questions. Should Christians, given your dictomy, pursue political office? If we slice-n-dice God’s Law, which is our standard, what do we have to offer pagan society?

  8. sosipater said,


    Chill out man, you’re getting your law abiding tighty whities all bunched up. We’ll probably have to disagree on certain aspects of the law and apparently on what it means to be salt and light. I’m trying to take my cues from Jesus. He talked to people and exhibited grace, while keeping the law as his basis for confronting people’s sins. But he did it gracefully, especially to the non-religious type of people such as the woman at the well. Thanks for the input.

  9. bj77 said,

    I’m chilled, homie. I guess I will have to take your word on it when you say we have to disagree on what it means to be salt. You have a unique position, you know how I use the word and how you use the word. I still have not heard you say how you are using it. I assume from our food analogies that you think of salt as a substance used to make things taste good. That is, keep adding it until it is just right for a particular situation. Thats just a guess though. As for “taking cues from Jesus” I think I know what you mean. You don’t wear one of those armbands now do you?;) Next time you want to hear the ideas of others I will assume that you mean “except the opinions of Theonomist.” 😉

    P.S. Hows the new job going?

  10. sosipater said,

    I’ll be at armbands-r-us first thing tomorrow.

    Going pretty good. I heard you’re striking out on your own again. Hope that works out well.

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