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John Hagee and the CUFI

Posted in Eschatology by sosipater on July 29, 2007


Rapture Ready: The Unauthorized Christians United for Israel Tour from huffpost and Vimeo.


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  1. daxw said,

    Chris Ortiz posted a link to this video over at the Chalcedon blog. I watched it the other day. This is the common thread in American Christendom. The fact that these people are financially supporting Christ hating Zionists really sickens me. The more chaotic things get in the Middle East has to mean that Jesus is coming back soon. Right? Sad. Really sad.

  2. Nick said,

    Did you catch the guy’s quote: “Have you seen the Left Behind series? It’s scary stuff…” WOW!! I can only shake my head as I watch this kind of stuff. It is so incredibly sad that people are willing to read the Bible through the lens of a man like Hagee. Not to mention the damage things like Left Behind have done to the world’s view on Christian eschatology (which forms the Christian view on many other areas of theology as well).

  3. bj77 said,

    I thought it was ironic that the man doing the documentary of the CUFI convention was Jewish, was also kicked out of the convention and all because he challenged a Hagee precept from one of his heretical books. I am going to the convention next year! I am going to come up with a Camron/Comfort video where I go around asking “Last Day Crazies” nagging questions about their eschatology. Anyone want to go?

    The part in the video where the man spoke about the Jews coming out of hiding after Armagedon was over to see Jesus as He is for the first time is always a good jab in the ribs. How can the Jews safely hide in Petra when everyone on earth knows that is where they are suppose to be? Jews must stink at Hide-n-Go Seek!

  4. daxw said,

    I caught the tail end of an expose’ on Max Blumenthal on mainstream news yesterday. Great, like this needs any more coverage. I have friends that are dispensational but they have never expressed this kind of thinking to me. It is really a form of State worship for the nation of Israel rather than a looking forward to the return of Christ.
    You’ve got to love the politicians jumping on the bandwagon.$$$$$$$$

  5. readyfortribulation said,

    I’ve been on my own anti-“Left Behind” soapbox for a while. Glad to see others who aren’t getting sucked into this very bad theology.


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