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ESV Popularity Grows

Posted in Books by sosipater on July 9, 2007

The ESV Bible Blog posts today that the ESV continues to grow in sales and readership and this has (at least partly) been responsible for a new organization structure at Crossway Books and Bibles.  You can read all about it here.  Here are a couple of quotes.

Growth of the ESV Bible continues to accelerate, as worldwide sales and distribution increased more than four-fold over the past two years and the ESV moved up to the number three position on the CBA bestseller list in June.

With more than 100 creative editions and formats in print, the ESV Bible has also experienced more than 100% annual growth in the Christian retail market for four years in a row. The newest ESV release, the ESV Literary Study Bible, is a unique edition of the ESV with numerous literary features for Bible study and devotional reading. The ESV Literary Study Bible is scheduled for release in September of this year.


2 Responses to 'ESV Popularity Grows'

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  1. Peculiar Baptist said,

    Careful you know James White at AOMIN.Org is busily tracking those who are ESV only. (tongue firmly in cheek)

  2. sosipater said,

    Careful yourself Pete, pretty soon you’ll be denying the ESV’s rightful place as the only truly inspired english version of the Bible.

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