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Hitchens book a hit

Posted in Books,Christ and Culture by sosipater on June 22, 2007

Hitchens Book Debunking the Deity a Surprise Hit by Jeffery Trachtenberg in the WSJ online.

Any idea why?  Bunch of athiest out there?  Bunch of curious people out there?  Bunch of Christians wanting to know what Hitchens is saying?  Bunch of apologists wanting to debate him?  Mix of all the above?

I found this quote interesting,

“I’m weary of people cramming religion at me,” agrees Duane Kelly, a self-described liberal and retired teacher who lives in Independence, Mo. He says he is reading the book and finds it interesting. “Maybe others feel the same way, and the success of this book is a backlash,” he says.

Wonder why Duane feels this way?  I don’t think Christians should just blow this off as the rantings of a liberal athiest.  Have we done something that makes people react this way?  Sure, the Gospel is offensive, but do we add to it by talking to people in an offensive way.  Do you think Duane knows any Christians who have tried to get to know him in order to show the love of Christ?  Would it have mattered or changed his opinion?  Would he still have picked up Hitchen’s book?  Have Christians, ourselves, fueled the demand for books like this?

Whew…lots of questions. 


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  1. Peculiar Baptist said,

    Well the obvious thing is that maybe we as Christians aren’t really telling the people the gospel, maybe what we are telling people is really “religion”. I know I would be tired of hearing the Joel Osteens-Rick Warrens-TBN version of what passes for the gospel.

  2. daxw said,

    Good point.

  3. sosipater said,


    Yep. That is a good point.

    But does it matter what we are telling them if we’re yelling it at them? Do we listen to people who are yelling at us? Food for thought.


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