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The Flag and Symbolism

Posted in Christ and Culture by sosipater on June 21, 2007

flag-h-sm.jpg At my part-time job that I currently work on the weekend we are selling T-Shirts that have a US Flag with a scripture reference underneath the flag.  I was thinking about buying my daughter one but when I noticed the scripture under the flag, I decided not to.  Short reason is, to me, this is problematic as it can confuse our identity as Christians with our identity as citizens of a geopolitical country here on Earth.  While I doubt there would have been any earthshattering consequences or ramifications of this, I chose to leave well enough alone and not worry about what kind of symbolic statement my 16 month old’s shirt was giving.

I mentioned why I didnt’ want to buy this shirt to a college-aged co-worker and he seemed to understand.  Is it easier for the younger generations of Christians to see this than the older one?  Do they perhaps see how many Christians blindly bind their faith in Jesus and their thankfulness for their government so tight that you can hardly tell a difference.  And do they wonder what this means to our view of Christians around the world, and ultimately our view of Jesus.

Well, with all that in mind, I came across an article about flags in worship services by a Methodist minister.  It is an interesting read and I hope some of you who lurk and never comment have something to say about this.  This is obviously an open hand (non-essential) issue, but one that I think needs to be thought through.

Here is the article. 

 I believe it is inappropriate and unwise to display the U.S. flag in United Methodist services of worship.

Props to Pastor Mark for posting.  Hope you enjoy.  Oh yea, I agree with the article.


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  1. bj77 said,

    My disdain for our goverment is bound in my love for Christ and His law.

  2. Nick said,

    Russ: I wrote about this in one of my very first blog posts a year ago. My article was entitled God’s Chosen Land? And I discussed the blurry lines between Christianity and patriotism. When I was ordained, I had a man tell the committee that he recommended me because he knew that I was faithful to my country as a US Army Ranger, therefore I will be shown as faithful to my God… yikes.

    Anyway — thought it might give you some of my thoughts. Good words, I agree with you.

  3. Peculiar Baptist said,

    Correct me Russ if I am wrong but didn’t Francis Schaeffer say something like that once?

  4. sosipater said,

    Your shameless plug for your blog notwithstanding, thanks for reminding us you are about a year ahead of me. Oh, and that man who recommended you was probably scared you would come whack him in the middle of the night if he opposed your ordination.
    Probably. Schaeffer and I think a lot alike.

  5. daxw said,

    I love the church signs that always have some prophetic verbage and end with:
    jerUSAlem. You’ve got to love that.

  6. johnMark said,

    Coming back to this topic. It started with what seemed to be a 5 minute applause for all present who served in the US Armed Forces. Then, my wife and I sat through a few patriotic songs as well as the Pledge today as everyone stood around us. This was the start of our worship service. =/


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