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Ed Stetzer to SBC: Get Missional

Posted in Christ and Culture,Christian Theology by sosipater on June 18, 2007

You can read the BP article on Ed Stetzer’s sermon to the annual SBC conventionites here.  The article title is “Live like a missionary, Stetzer urges”.

Follower of The Way Snippet:

There has been much discussion about the word “missional” and Stetzer said the essence of the word is to live as missionaries in whatever context a person finds himself/herself. Lottie Moon, the missionary sent by Southern Baptists in the 1800s to China, lived in the Chinese culture, dressed in Chinese clothes and ate Chinese food until she starved to death giving it all away.

“Isn’t it a great irony that one of the greatest missionary examples in history -– whose work is celebrated each year at Christmas -– is not our model,” Stetzer said.

“Instead, our churches often live just like the world -– the same teen pregnancy rate, the same divorce rate and maybe even more gossip and gluttony,” Stetzer said. “Yet, a trip into many of our churches is a step back into another time period of culture. Let me encourage you to consider three simple phrases: biblically faithful, culturally relevant, counter-culture communities.”

If you have never been a member of a Southern Baptist Church and you don’t know who Lottie Moon is, just Google her.


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