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Posted in Miscellaneous by sosipater on June 13, 2007

*  The American Freedom Agenda so far has only one presidential candidate who will sign their pledge to promise to uphold the conservative principles of limited government.  Wonder who that is?  Read the Boston Globe article here.

*  Are Dr. Mohler and the SBTS press neo-cons?  I sure hope not.  I respect Dr. Mohler tremendously and usually agree with him about 95% of the time, but this is one opinion we don’t share.  The Towers Online article say that according to Dr. Mohler, there are no presidential candidates “tailor made” for evangelical voters.  Dr. Mohler, have you even heard of Dr. Ron Paul?  Oh wait a minute, here is where he gets off the hook.

“This is an election in which there is no major candidate who is just tailor-made for an evangelical constituency,” Mohler said. “So evangelicals are learning how to ask some new and, perhaps, more deeply discerning questions about the political process and about candidates.” [Emphasis mine]

Ok, well, I guess Dr. Paul is not a major candidate, yet, whatever that means.  I agree with Dr. Mohler though that this is an extremely important time for Christians to grow in the area of political discernment.

*  Rich Barcellos is blogging about the Sabbath and its relationship to New Testament Christians over at MCTS blog.  Looks good.

Nick has posted some quotes from John C. Millers book “Outgrowing the Ingrown Church”.  Looks good also.

Well thats it for now.  Make sure you check back soon for further updates.


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  1. daxw said,

    I sure hope evangelicals don’t think Fred Thompson is going to be the answer to their Republican choice. He is a CFR member. You don’t want him as your next prez. Is there a candidate on the Democratic ticket that a Christian could support in good conscience? Rudy Giuliani? Oh my bad, he’s on the Republican side.

  2. daxw said,

    I hit enter too soon. Giuliani is not a good choice in any aspect.

  3. sosipater said,


    What is CFR?

  4. daxw said,
    I wish I knew how to make these link when you click on them. You can scroll through the history down to about the middle of the page where the members are listed. An interesting group to say the least. Also read about the Trilateral Commission. This is who dictates our foreign policy. Basically they are pro-Zionist anti-American. They are for a North American Union(no national sovereignty). They are glad to see us lose our identity as a nation(loose immigration laws,multiculturalism). Many members in Congress are or have been members.

  5. daxw said,
    I wish I knew how to make these link when you click on them.

  6. Peculiar Baptist said,

    CFR Council on Foreign Relationships. You’d know this if you’d belong to the John Birch society. :^{)

    BTW nice remake of the blog might have to invest in a different skin myself.

  7. sosipater said,


    Thanks for the 411 and for the props! (Man, I’m hip)


  8. sosipater said,


    You’re comments got caught in my spam filter. Sorry bout that.


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