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Friday’s Findings

Posted in Miscellaneous by sosipater on June 1, 2007

* Baptist study center opens at SBTS.  Prettty incredible.  Baptists studying history?  Chock one more up for SBTS.

*  Speaking of SBTS, today is the official launch of Said at Southern, THE place to find out what is going on in the SBTS blog world.

*  Speaking of Said at Southern, today’s guest post is fantastic.  It is on a topic that is a rallying cry of mine, that there is no genre of music called “Christian Music”.  Great post, read it here.

*  The New Attitude conference’s audio messages are available.  Check out The Rebelution for recaps and directions to download.

Lifehack talks about ROWE, Results Only Work Environment.  Sweet.

*  Tired of your gas bill each month due to your commute (or driving habits)?  Check out GetRichSlowly’s post on “How to Improve Your Fuel Economy: 23 Tips for Better Gas Mileage”.

*  Finally, Gary Shavey over at the Resurgence blog has a good post about Culture and a new book called Everyday TheologyCheck out the post and buy it here.

Happy surfing and enjoy your weekend!


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