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Q&A on the Federal “Hate Crime” Bill

Posted in Christ and Culture,Government & Politics by sosipater on May 9, 2007

Q&A about the federal hate crimes bill


STOVALL: “Hate crimes legislation is really a Trojan horse. Essentially, everywhere that hate crimes laws have been passed, it inevitably and eventually leads to prosecution of speech and expression. There is one interpretation in reading the bill that would allow state attorney generals to ask the federal government to come in and take over the prosecution of an alleged state hate crimes offense. There are some states that already have hate crimes laws that effectively make it a hate crime to quote-unquote intimidate somebody on the basis of whatever the protected classes are, including in some instances sexual orientation. There was a case in New Jersey where a Muslim gentleman who worked for one of the state university schools asked another professor not to send him e-mails about lesbian issues and referred to it as a perversion. She reported him [to university officials] and said she felt threatened by his characterization of lesbianism as a perversion. His discipline was upheld basically on the grounds that under the New Jersey law, speech like that was not protected. [They said] it constituted a violation of the state discrimination law. So, it’s not hard to see [how this could happen under the federal hate crimes bill] when you cook it all together — and especially when you look at other countries, too, that are further down this path than we are.”


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  1. daxw said,

    This is just the beginning…

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