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Posted in Christ and Culture,Christian Theology,Government & Politics by sosipater on April 25, 2007
  • Continuing commentary on the recent SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) decision to affirm the partial birth abortion ban comes from none other than John Piper.  I was excited to see him comment on this social/cultural issue.  He brings a Biblical and exegetical ferver to the discussion.  Here are his comments, titled, “Let the Python Eat Its Tail. Amen.”
    • Snippet: “Such are the contorted conditions in which we find ourselves: The proposal of a manifestly barbaric law (permitting the dismemberment of a partially born child) is defeated by the legal standing of a more barbaric law (permitting the dismemberment of a child in the womb). But the history of Providence has many such stories to tell—great evils finally being self-destroyed, like a python swallowing its own tail.
  • Rich Barcellos has a thought provoking post on Biblical hermenuetics over the at the MCTS blog.  What I got from the article is that asking what the original hearers of the Bible understood about a passage is a good and correct question to ask, but not the only question.  You can read his post titled, “Authorial Intent, the Grammatical-Historical Hermeneutic, and the 2nd LCF”.
  • Last but certainly not least, Sam Waldron has begun what looks like to be a detailed response to John MacArthurs lecture/sermon on eschatology at the 2007 Shepherd’s Conference.  He is calling it a “blog a book” and is also over at the MCTS blog.  Be sure to check it out here and keep reading the rest of the “book”.

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