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Acts 29 on being Missional

Posted in Christ and Culture,Christian Theology by sosipater on April 18, 2007

To some the word “Missional” is almost synonymous with “Emergent”.  I don’t think this is the case at all.  A Missional focus involves living out your Christian life (corporately or individually) in a way that integrates everything you do around one thing…The Gospel.  That sentence is pretty vague conceptually, so check out this post from Acts 29 where they set about to define what being a missional church is.  Here is a peek:

Missional-Is that a Real Word?
A church that is not missional is not really a church. A church exists by mission as the sun exists by burning. When the sun loses its burn it ceases to be the sun. When a church loses its mission, it ceases to be a church.

Missional is an adjective describing all of the activities of the church body as they are brought under the mission of God (missio dei) to proclaim the good news of salvation through His Son Jesus Christ. Being on mission very easily becomes one activity in church among many others vying for attention. Over time churches allow meetings, programs, traditions and other good things to cumulatively move the church from missional mode to maintenance mode. A church must continuously see itself as missionaries and all of its energies must be missionary.

A missional church understands it has been sent into an irreligious world to proclaim the Gospel of Redemption that is made possible by the Son’s sacrifice for our sins and the Father’s love for us. Every believer is sent on this mission by God just as Jesus was sent on this mission (John 17:14-16, 18; 20:21). To respond to this calling is to be missional. To neglect it is to disregard the mission of God and to cease being the kind of church that is following Jesus.

Definition of the Missional Church
A missional church is a theologically-formed, Gospel-centered, Spirit-led fellowship who seeks to faithfully incarnate the purposes of Christ. The mission of the church is found in the mission of God who is calling the church to passionately participate in God’s redemptive mission in the world (Matt. 28:18-20; Acts 1:8) – a world that has radically changed in North American in the last 50 years.


2 Responses to 'Acts 29 on being Missional'

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  1. kennicon said,

    I think the important thing to consider is, are our churches missional? What needs to change so that they are?

  2. sosipater said,


    Once we understand what missional is, those are the next questions aren’t they? My answer to the first is, for the most part, no. I’m not trying to slam any churches, just saying I think we have a lot of work to do. What do you think?

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