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Congrats to Zach Johnson: 2007 Masters Champion

Posted in Miscellaneous by sosipater on April 9, 2007

Since I gave my picks for the Masters, let me give some credit to the winner, Zach Johnson.  Contrary to what some sports writers thought, I thought it was a great tournament, and ended with a great battle.  I love it when courses play hard for the pro’s (makes me feel better to shoot 20 over when they shoot 1 over and win).

Zach beat out some notables like Tiger Woods, Stuart Appleby, Justin Rose, and Retief Goosen.  Check out this post here by Matt Perry.  He has some information on Zach from  Zach seems to have a strong Christian witness, and that is great.  Good luck to him for the remainder of the golf year.


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  1. daxw said,

    Responding to your question on the other post. I watched a bio on Zach back when he was tearing up the Nationwide Tour. They interviewed him and his wife. I believe Kim went to Florida State and somehow met him over there through friends. I could be wrong. I know he is good friends with Ben Crane who also is a Christian along with Aaron Baddely. I saw Badds at the 18th green congratulating him along with the others. It’s good to see some fresh competition for Tiger. He needs it. The scary thing is when everyone around Tiger starts getting better he seems to turn it up a notch. Watch out at the next major!

  2. kennicon said,

    Did you say, “Good Luck??” Here I thought all along that you were a guy who believed in the sovereignty and providence of God… man, you think you know someone!!!!

  3. johnMark said,


    We need to hit the sticks again at the Peg. Remember those days? 🙂

    I really enjoyed the Masters and how tough it was on the pros. It makes them play and show that they are human. That course kick some big name behind.

    Also, check out this post and tell me what you think please.


  4. sosipater said,


    Good times at the Peg were had by all, especially watching Dennis hunt for golf balls!

    Regarding the post you linked to, I agree with you and the other commentors (through comment 6 as I write this). I don’t think Zach meant to give a detailed explanation of saving faith, and I don’t thing there is anything wrong with telling others about our relationship with Jesus. Nothing at all.

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