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End of the Age for “Left Behind” Series

Posted in Books,Eschatology by sosipater on April 4, 2007

Hold on to your reading glasses, looks like it is the (less than greatly anticipated) ending to the popular Christian fiction series of Left Behind books.  I italicised the word fiction because while I agree that it is completely fiction, I don’t believe everyone does.  Do you think the Tim Lahaye Prophecy Bible’s take on end times is much different from the Prophecy that is propagated in the books?

Anyway, here is a story from the UK Times about the last book and some of the responses to the series.  Interesting is the lower demand seen for the latter books versus the earlier ones.

Kingdom Come, the last of the “Left Behind” series of Bible-inspired thrillers written by Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye, tells the story of the final postmillennial battle between Jesus and Satan. “I’ll give you a clue,” Jenkins said, “the good guy wins.”

But the author also accepted that the brand was not as successful as it once was, with 300,000 first-edition copies of Kingdom Come being printed compared with 1.9 million for previous books. “Maybe the edge has come off as far as it being a novelty,” he said.

You can read the whole article here.


4 Responses to 'End of the Age for “Left Behind” Series'

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  1. kennicon said,

    Finally… the end (of the series) is near! haha… I’m funny like that, admit it.

    This series has been a cancer in the church for nearly a decade now — I’m glad to see it ending. How many church libraries don’t have the Left Behind series on their library shelves because some sweet, unknowing church member loved the story, bought it in the Christian bookstore, and wanted to donate it to their congregation? Unfortunately, that is all too often the case.

  2. bj77 said,

    There are a couple of ways to treat cancer. Surgically remove it, or Chemotherapy. But your right, Nick. The Church has been plagued with this “dung” for far to long. Let the healing begin!

  3. daxw said,

    Maybe those 1.6 million who have fallen off of the expected first edition sales are now amillinial?
    B.J., I thought I saw a copy of Left Behind on your bookshelf the other night. Right in between the two massive volumes you had on theonomy.:)

  4. bj77 said,

    Yeah, Dax….. I thought I smelled alcohol on your breath;)

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