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Outrageous…I’ll Say

Posted in Christ and Culture by sosipater on April 3, 2007

Wow.  Any of you who went to the link for the Institute of Religion and Democracy (or who click on it right now) might have seen this on their homepage.  It is called the outrageous quote of the week.

“[N]o matter how good [theologian Dr. Robert Gagnon’s] arguments are, the conclusions he comes to are patently bigoted, so I reject them regardless of what apparent veracity they may have. Frankly, if Jesus Christ pried open the skies and leaned down into my living room right now and said ‘Doug, it is a sin to be homosexual,’ I’d say ‘Okay Jesus, that makes things simple—I’m not Christian anymore. Now go away.'”

– San Francisco Theological Seminary (PCUSA) student Doug Hagler, objecting to Pittsburgh Theological Seminary professor Robert Gagnon’s arguments against the compatibility of homosexual behavior with Christian practice.

This is a quote from a Seminary Student.  I know, a (PCUSA) student in a San Francisco school, but still.  Wow.  We need to pray for this man, that while he is at seminary, hopefully he will open up the scriptures and be given eyes to see the truth of the Gospel.


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  1. daxw said,

    I don’t know if the press is just pushing an agenda. I’m not sure if there is a large number of people who practice homosexuality and consider themselves Christian, but I’ve sure seen a lot of articles lately on people who do think that way. Do these stories challenge you to be more faithful to share the gospel? They sure do me.

  2. sosipater said,


    Great questions. I think they are pushing an agenda, but I also think there is a huge grass roots effort to completely normalize this behavior, even among Christians (true and in name only). Foundationally, I think it boils down to judging right from wrong based on subjective feelings and cultural “norms” (whatever that means) and not on the objective standards of our creator. Yes, it challenges me to not only want to share the gospel, but make sure I walk daily with Jesus and the gospel before me. This means applying the work of Christ to my marriage, my parenting, my work, etc. This is not easy and rubs against my flesh.

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