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Charity and Taxes

Posted in Miscellaneous by sosipater on March 27, 2007

Has everyone filed their tax returns yet?  Yes, it is an unavoidable event (for those of us who have taxable income that is).

I’m going to use this opportunity to make people aware of another blog I have started.  It has been around a while and is not very active, but I just posted on an article about the IRS’s new outlook on charitable giving.  You can find my other blog here.  The future of this blog is up in the air but go ahead and add it to your feeds so you’ll know if I post any more tax or financial information.


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  1. daxw said,

    I think that this a very resourceful blog. It should get a lot of attention. I like the article on “Why You Are Not A Millionaire”. The first reason that popped into my mind why I’m not is the IRS.LOL

  2. bj77 said,

    What happens if I have already files, but later recieve a 1099 after the fact?

  3. bj77 said,

    It would have been recieved after the deadline…..

  4. sosipater said,


    Well, unfortunately it doesn’t matter when you receive it, you have to pay the taxes. In your case, you will need to ammend your return and show that as self employment income on a schedule C. That ammended return is a 1040X. As you are probably aware, you have to pay income, payroll, and self employment tax on that money. 😦

    Thanks for the question. I feel like Dave Ramsey!

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