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From Orlando to Atlanta

Posted in Christ and Culture,Christian Theology by sosipater on March 20, 2007

A couple of my good friends have been able to attend some gatherings that seem to have been very beneficial and I wanted to pass along their thoughts.

First, Nick has posted a little about his experience at the Ligonier (the teaching ministry of R.C.  Sproul) conference in Orlando, Fl.  This is a conference I have been to in the past and look forward to going to again.  This year’s topic was Apologetics.  You can read Nick’s first two posts on his Ligonier experience here and here.   I believe he has one more post coming on Ligonier.  You can order MP3’s of the conference here.

Next is my friend Mark.  He was able to attend a speaking engagement by Scott McNight of Jesus Creed fame.  Mark did a good job recapping that event.  Scott has a lot of good things to say about Christians and our relationships with the world.  As Christians become more and more marginalized in our culture, this is exactly what we need to be discussing.

Thanks to Nick and Mark for allowing us all to enjoy these events webcariously (I just made up a word) through them. 

UPDATE:  Nick has his recap and final thought up now.  Here it is.


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