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Family time or Church Time?

Posted in Christ and Culture,Christian Theology by sosipater on March 14, 2007

Dr. Mohler has a very, very interesting post over at his blog.  Read the post here.  Topics include families choosing little league over Sunday morning worship, NASCAR, Wednesday night church services, and last but certainly not least, splitting families up during church.  Should Church time be family time?  I would say for the majority of the time yes. 

I probably need to explain since I have always defended a proper use of a youth and childrens group.  I think these are good if there is strong Biblical teaching happening, but I think churches should also foster families being families as much as possible.  I don’t think these necessarily have to be mutually exclusive.  Perhaps I am wrong.

Read the post and let me know if you agree.  If not, bring me some Biblical reasons.


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  1. daxw said,

    As a nation our priorities have changed over the last century. Worshiping on the Lord’s Day was considered quality family time. Now it has been replaced with going to watch junior play ball. That’s what’s important. Mom’s got a career,dad’s got a career,they’re busy, but they can all meet up at the ballpark scarf down some KFC and watch the ball game as a family. Church isn’t going to get in the way of that. I can’t help but feel that attending church is just one more thing penciled in on the weekly planner for most people. Then they are just there for the wrong reason. I pray that I don’t fall into that trap. As far as my position on church life, no we should not be separating families on the Lord’s Day. This is an area that Amber and I are evaluating right now because we are all separated during Sunday School and on Sunday night. I’m not sure how much longer that will last. Probably until my commitment to the SS class I’m teaching is over.

  2. sosipater said,


    I unfortunately agree. I think this needs to be stressed to church members, new and old, that going to church means worshipping the one true living God, and it is not like anything else. It is actually what you were created for. We just need a good theology of worship.

    As far as families being together at church, I haven’t really had to deal with it to much but will be more in the future. I still think a time for youth and children is ok, but I think families do need more oportunities to be together. This is a tough one and I don’t want to go to either extreme.

  3. johnMark said,

    Along these lines, are Sunday evening services essential? Or are they more of a tradition we’ve become accustomed to?


  4. sosipater said,


    I know we have discussed this some. The way I look at it is the Bible (and our confessions – see earlier post pointing people to Timmy Brister’s site) teaches us to spend the Lord’s Day worshipping God. The primary (but not the only) way we do that on Sunday is at church. At least our corporate worship should be done on Sunday. Because of this, I have a hard time being in opposition to a Sunday night service. If that is what my church leadership feels is good for the church, then I feel I should be submissive and accept that as a good thing. Now, if you are hindered from going due to distance or something else, and you have to pick one service, I think tradition would mandate the morning service as the primary worship service for the church. Those are just some thoughts off the top.

  5. daxw said,

    I don’t think an evening service is essential, but if my local church has one I think it is more beneficial to have my children with me rather than all of us spread out on a church campus. I do not think if you attend a morning service that you are mandated to come back for a second time in the evening. Russ, how can we teach our young adults about the seriousness of what we are doing when we come together in a corporate setting(morning or evening) if they are right outside the sanctuary playing football or on the playground at the same time corporate worship is taking place?

  6. stevethomas67 said,

    Do you think it is possible to worship God and play football at the same time?Please don’t interpret my question as being sarcastic.Maybe the answer is no.But I think one thing we need to be teaching our people and especially our youth is that all of life needs to be seen throught the lens of worship.Now if all they were doing is playing football I would be the first to say we were missing the boat.They are participating in felowwship in a controlled atmosphere for the glory of God. I don’t want our people to have this idea that you have to be in a certain place (the sanctuary) to participate in worshiping God.Our youth are being challenged with the word of God and with serving others.Actually they are doing more serving than most adults.To be honest I don’t get how being seperated from our kids for 3 hours a week is going to be detrimental to them spiritually if first we are leading them the other 165 hours during the week,and second what they are being taught complements what they are being taught by us.Just my thoughts.

  7. daxw said,

    To answer your first question-yes it is possible. And I agree 100% with your comment on seeing all of life through the lens of worship. What I was thinking about is if my family misses an opportunity to worship corporately with a local church on Sunday morning but have the chance to attend a church service in the evening(when many children’s,youth activities take place at most churches) would I have a hard time teaching them about the importance of why we are there if I allow them to participate in activities outside of the service rather than with me during the corporate worship that evening. The comment was brought up about “is it essential” to attend an evening service? I agreed with Russ’ response but got to thinking about how to find the balance if you were only able to attend the evening rather than morning service. No 3hrs a week on Sunday isn’t going to be detrimental to their spirituality depending on like you said” if we are leading them. “I would disagree with having 165 hours left together when at least 40 are spent in school and approx. 63 are spent sleeping.
    If they have a driver’s license odds are they aren’t hanging out at home much. I could be wrong. I hope I cleared up where I was coming from on my question to Russ.

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