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Shepherd’s Conference

Posted in Christian Theology,Eschatology by sosipater on March 8, 2007

The 2007 Shepherd’s Conference put on by John MacArthur’s church out in California began yesterday.  And boy did it begin with a bang.  Apparently Dr. MacArthur chose to speak on eschatology, specifically why Amillenialism is dead wrong and is the theological sister to arminianism, and why all calvinsts should be pre-millenial.  Whoa, who’d a thunk it!

I must say I have not heard the lecture and am getting most of my information from Tim Challies’ live blog found here, and Jason Robertson’s post here.

My thoughts are it is no biggie if Dr. Mac disagrees with Amillenialism, but he seems to go over the top in trying to sully the system and its adherents.  Not cool.  Check out the links and let me know what you think.

New Link:  Check out what Kim Riddlebarger has to say about this here.


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  1. bj77 said,

    Glad I dont have a dog in that one;)

  2. johnMark said,

    And dispensationalism is the theological sister to Zionism. Which is a view much easier sustained than Mac’s. 🙂


  3. sosipater said,


    So you think all Cavinists should be premillenial too? Wow, who’d a thunk it!

    I know some who would agree with you. Zionism is of course political, but what is the foundational reason for it? Perhaps it is dispensationalism, but aren’t there Zionists who aren’t even Christian?

  4. bj77 said,

    No, Tardheel…..:)By the way good luck with the ACC tourney! If I thought all Calvinist should be Premillenial I would have a dog in the fight. However, since I posted this yesterday I have been thinking that even as a Optomistic Amill (Post Mill) I do have a dog in the fight because whether Amill or Post mill, Dispensationalism is and enemy to the Church and the future. I cant say much more becasue this topic gets me a little hot under the collar. I guess the only “good” thing about this is that MacArther did get “5” things right about Christianity.

  5. sosipater said,


    LOL! Tar Heels already won today. Sweet! Sorry about the Dookies early exit.

    I agree, I think you do have a dog in it.

    But as Mark Dever (the Dookie) said:

    “Our brother Al Mohler once said somewhere that “optimism is naive, but pessimism is atheistic.” I think he’s right. On non-ultimate matters (our government’s fate, our culture’s response to the Gospel, the world in rebellion against God) we can be agnostic or even pessimistic. But on ultimate matters–God’s glory, His victory in procuring a people to His eternal praise, the triumph of the church–there is nothing but ultimate optimism presented in the Bible–Old Testament or New. Jesus promised in Matt. 16 that His church will prevail. We see from visions in Ezekiel, Daniel, Revelation, and prophecies in Isaiah and the Gospels that, in the end, and FOREVER, GOD WINS!!”

  6. daxw said,

    Zionists are using Christian leaders who are on the extreme end of the Dispy camp to fund their efforts.(i.e. John Hagee,Pat Robertson) Would you agree?

    I was looking for a comment from you on the Baptism post. Wuzzup?

  7. sosipater said,


    Probably, yes. I can’t really say what Zionists are doing since I’ve never met one or talked to one (that I know of). I know there are a lot of people who are pro & con the current nation-state of Israel.

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