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Posted in Christian Theology by sosipater on March 6, 2007

Those of you who are interested in the “proper subjects of Baptism” debate need to check out this white paper from Greg Welty, titled “From Circumcision to Baptism”.  It is located over at the Baptist Theology page and can be read here.  Dr. Welty, IMHO, does a fantastic job of making a succinct, cogent, exegetically based argument for Believer’s Baptism, or Credo-baptism, from a distinctly covenantal point of view.  In other words, Dr. Welty argues for continuity of the Abrahamic covenant, but not as much continuity as the classic paedo(infant)baptist would.  He uses John Calvin’s argument for infant baptism as his basis for that view.   Want to know how he does it?  Read the article.

I have known about the existence of this paper for a while but never read the whole thing until now.  It is really good.  I completely agree with his conclusions.  Do yourself a favor and give it a read.


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  1. bj77 said,

    Well Dax…this post is for you. I have read a couple of articles by Welty on this topic. This particular piece spends most of its time debating some dead guy named John Calvin. I think it is his most recent essay on the topic so there wont be much of a response to it yet. It is basically the same thing he has written in other articles except he focuses on JC. My personal assesment is this….Welty is a Dispy in the closet. However, he does represent the typical Reformed Baptist view of the Covenant. Draw your own conclusion, Dax….peace out.

  2. daxw said,

    Hey B.J.,
    Hook me up with some CD’s to listen to on the subject. I’m done with the ones you loaned me on abortion. Good stuff. I thought Welty made some good points in this article. I’m still not ready to teach Marshall how to hold his breath yet.:)

  3. bj77 said,

    He doesnt have to hold his breath if he is sprinkled;) Yes, Welty does have some “interesting points.” Also I suggest reading his paper ” A critical evalution of Paedobaptism.” Found here

    Enjoy! There are also several rebuttals to Welty worth looking at once you finish reading him.

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