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Ron Paul for Pres

Posted in Christ and Culture,Government & Politics by sosipater on January 29, 2007

Since I posted below on the Huckabee Presidential candidate, I need to give equal time to Ron Paul.  Who is Ron Paul, you ask?  Click on the hyperlink on his name, and check out this post by Ryan Setliff.  Haven’t put much thought on this, but Ron Paul seems to be the pick.  I think he is well known among “Constitutional Conservatives”.  He needs a large, strong, and miraculous grass-roots effort if he has any chance though. 


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  1. daxw said,

    The grass roots effort starts with each and every one of us. Quit listening to all of the sound bites on the cable news channels and do some serious digging. Make an informed decision about who will be the best choice for president. I’ve been following Ron Paul since about 1999. He’s always been consistent, but these elections are planned way in advance. Hillary will be the next U.S. Pres. I’ve been telling you that for years. For those of you who pick on me about conspiracy “facts”(not theories) think about this for a second. After the 2008 election we will have had the same two families residing in the White House since 1980. Interesting.
    P.S.-The Clinton and Bush families don’t hate each other.

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