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Former 300 pound Southern Baptist Minister Running for President

Posted in Government & Politics by sosipater on January 29, 2007

How is that for a catchy title?  You can read about this news item here.  Huckabee seems to be a very socially conservative candidate, although some of my readers, myself included, may not agree with everything he has done.  But, he does seem to have a solid conservative record.  Anyone have any thoughts on this Republican candidate?


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  1. daxw said,

    “Huckabee, 51, said yesterday that he supports President Bush’s position on the Iraq war, and he discussed his record in Arkansas, which was not always predictable. He was an advocate for providing state services for illegal immigrants, opened up insurance benefits for 70,000 children from low-income homes and was criticized by fiscal conservatives for raising taxes several times.”
    Tell me again why I should support this guy? Just because he says he is against abortion and homosexual marriage. Sounds like to me he’s just campaigning to get the conservative vote so he can get in office and do like the rest of the so called “conservative” Republicans. Absolutely nothing. Ron Paul is who I’ll support. He has always voted strictly by the Constitution even when it was not popular.(i.e. against the Iraq War)

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