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Do Young Adults Read?

Posted in Christ and Culture,Education by sosipater on January 24, 2007

Some are saying no and Dr. Mohler comments on why this is specifically important for Christians.  As a parent, I feel this responsibility rests squarely on my shoulders to instill a joy and love for the written word.  And Word. 


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  1. kennicon said,

    Russ: I stress this point with my youth on a regular basis — I say with all seriousness, you must learn to read because if you do not, you will go to Hell. It takes some explaining, but can ultimately be tied to the fact that “faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ” (Romans 10:17). Now, obviously one who cannot read will not go to Hell because of it, but the point is made that knowing the word is essential and the way to know the word is to read and study the word. If we do not read, we flounder and grow distant from God.

  2. daxw said,

    Russ, I like to read,but I’m not sure if I would qualify as a “young” adult. Nick might though. He looks pretty young. How is Dr. Mohler’s health? I thought he was in pretty bad shape.

  3. sosipater said,


    You can check it out on his blog, but he is making a strong recovery. His article about what he learned from his illness is definitely worth the read.

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