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Episcopal Church Downgrade Hits Close to (my) Home

Posted in Christ and Culture,Christian Theology by sosipater on January 3, 2007

I don’t know how I missed it, but there is some serious happenings going on in my own backyard of Savannah, Georgia concerning the continued downgrade of the US Episcopal Church.  There is an article in the Savannah Morning News, found here, which details the struggles that Christ Church of Savannah is having with the Episcopal Church. 

Christ Church’s position is this in a nutshell:

“We’re not threatening to leave or planning to leave (the Episcopal Church), which is one of the reasons why the actions of the diocese are so disappointing,” Creasy said. “We have no problem supporting the diocese. We don’t want to support the national church. The presiding bishop has made remarks that are in variance with Christianity as we’ve received it.”

Good for Christ Church.  It is refreshing to see a church, especially a local one, willing to take a stand for true Christianity as represented by Christ, in his Word.  Especially since a Baptist church, who had much less to lose, only a few blocks away is not as willing to take the same stand.

Now this disagreement is not a new one.  What is eye opening to me is the fact that the National Church seems to be ignoring what Christ Church is requestiong and getting very strong armed and manipulative.  Note this section from the article.

“This letter may be an example of a broader, national strategy of intimidation and legal coercion by The Episcopal Church against parishes and dioceses that seek a clear and strong relationship with the rest of the Anglican Communion and who are in strong disagreement with the actions of General Convention 2003 and the inactions of General Convention 2006 that have brought this schism into existence,” according to the letter, which is available on the church’s Web site.

I would encourage you to go to Christ Church’s web site and there read the correspondence first hand.  It is eye opening.  This church, along with others in similar situations, because of the nature of their denomination, risk losing their building and their collections.  This is not a small matter.  After you read the correspondence strive to do whatever you think is necessary to support Christians who are seeking to be faithful to the faith once and for all delivered to the saints.  As the rectors, wardens, and vestry of Christ Church said in their letter to the congregation,

“don’t be afraid of the conflict.  In it is embetted God’s grace, and profound lessons of trust and obedience that can trasform us all.  Continue to pray for a charitable and graceful resolution, not only to these threats imposed upon us as a parish, but also within the Episcopal Church and our Anglican Communion.”

Well said.

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