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Minimum Wage Increase?

Posted in Government & Politics by sosipater on December 19, 2006

Here is an interesting article from MSNBC about the proposed minimum wage increases in some states.  Are there any small business owners out there who have thoughts on this? 


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  1. kennicon said,

    This is terrible for small business. The general public probably thinks, “more money paid to employees isn’t a bad thing” without ever thinking of the negative impacts on the overall job market and business stability. The restaurants can’t serve without servers, but they can’t afford the servers they need — it tips the scales too much. Additionally, what business does a pimply sophomore in high school have getting 7, 8, or 9 dollars an hour at McDonalds? There’s no room for growth and no incentive for harder work… it feeds the materialistic desires of young people.

  2. sosipater said,


    I agree. The fact is, when you change something like the minimum wage, you are affecting every segment of the economy. The bottom line is I believe government intervention in commerce should be minimal. The minimum wage has always teetered dangerously close to socialism and governmental control of business. I don’t have a problem with laws to protect workers, or even a minimum wage per se, but let the free market be the predominate determiner of a worker’s wage.

  3. daxw said,

    Unemployment WILL go up. It always has in the past when the wage was raised. The Dems are just appeasing their “constituents” who helped put them in office.

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