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Christian Game “Force for Evil”

Posted in Eschatology,Miscellaneous by sosipater on December 6, 2006

Ok all you eschatological minded folk, here’s one for the Christmas stocking. 

“Christian Video Game is a “Force for Evil” says the British “Times Online” article.    My favorite quote:

Troy A. Lyndon, the chief executive of Left Behind Games, said: “The game is designed to be a classic battle between good and evil. We have deliberately censored the blood and it does not gratuitously depict death or violence. Left Behind is not taken from the Bible, it is a fictional story.”


3 Responses to 'Christian Game “Force for Evil”'

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  1. peculiarbaptist said,

    Oh Murgatroyd what crock yes let’s all just play a game about armagedon. Let’s just promote that whole misconception about the coming of Christ.

  2. peculiarbaptist said,

    BTW I like the change to the blog minimalist is very kewl.


  3. daxw said,

    That last sentence says it all.

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