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Posted in Miscellaneous by sosipater on September 27, 2006

Check out this excellent and fairly in depth article on TV viewing in America by Michael Medved.


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  1. daxw said,

    Interesting statistics. I’d like to write more but the commercial’s almost over. I have to get back to my favorite show.:)

  2. Jesse said,

    I don’t agree that “Television viewing degrades communication, creativity, attentiveness, engagement…”
    I’ve recently been turned on to LOST, and it has generated a large fan community that discusses the plot elements and shares theories on the direction of the series. The show really makes me think – it is intriguing, and I really struggle to put all the pieces together. For me, the show definitely ENHANCES creativity, attentiveness, and engagement.
    I think that our real problem is HOW we consume visual media. Most people “veg out” – and that’s certainly dangerous. TV, film, video games, etc… can actually enhance our social and intellectual capacities if we approach them actively instead of passively. Although some people might need to decrease their viewing time, we should focus on changing the way we view instead of getting rid of TVs.

  3. sosipater said,


    I’m not really sure how you can measure if watching LOST has objectively enhanced anything. There are those who have studied this topic and believe the actual *media* of television (not the content mind you) reduces these attributes, i.e. creativity, attentiveness, and engagement because most people minds, because of TV, are being trained to be image based, as opposed to word based (which I think has great application as a Christian to the topic of The Word of God), short attention spans (30-60 second commercials, 30-60 minute shows) and engagement (vegging out). Lets face it, most people veg and aren’t wondering how the show they are watching squares up with reality and their worldview. Not to mention the addictive quality of TV, or the time it takes away from other things. That is the point I really got out of it. I guess we would have to discuss if these changes are actually harmful or not. My inclination is that they are.

    All that being said, I am not saying anyone should get rid of their TV’s. I would say there are possibly things going on when we develop certain TV watching habits that we are completely unaware of, and we should be aware of them. This is a complicated issue, but it helps to have as much information as possible.

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