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A Tim Keller Post

Posted in Christ and Culture by sosipater on September 25, 2006

Tar Heel finger point to Steve McCoy for linking to this post, “Why I like Keller More than Piper” by DJ Chuang.  As Steve points out, this really has nothing to do with John Piper, he is a great pastor.  As one of the comments on the post says,  Keller is Piper applied.  DJ is just pointing out some of the really cool things he sees in Tim Keller and his minstry.  These are all characteristics that I aspire to.  I especially liked this quote from Keller.

“When you listen and read one thinker, you become a clone… two thinkers, you become confused… ten thinkers, you’ll begin developing your own voice… two or three hundred thinkers, you become wise and develop your voice.”

Do yourself a favor and check out the list.  And then see what you need to do today to work out the implications of the Gospel in you own life and work.

Also, please pray for Steve’s mom.  See here.


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