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The Dark Side

Posted in Miscellaneous by sosipater on September 15, 2006

I found this interesting article about The Darkside of Financial Windfalls.  Isn’t it amazing that most lottery winners are broke and worse off in a few years after their winnings?  I have been reading a lot lately about wealth and money, from Christian and non-Christian sources.  It seems if wealth is the ultimate goal in someone’s life, then the attaining of it brings no long term happiness or satisfaction.  But if wealth is a means of attaining a goal, such as providing for your family (and generations down the line) and serving God, then wealth accumulation will be a good thing that serves a noble purpose.  Jesus taught on this long ago, that you cannot serve two masters…go figure.


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  1. Jesse said,

    Good post. I think the point is this: What goal is the accumulation of wealth a means to? That makes all the difference, in how funds are used and how they accumulate.

  2. sosipater said,

    Thanks Jesse. I think the topic of money and wealth deserves more attention from the Christian community as a whole. Some of us need to rethink what the Bible’s overall teaching is on our responsibility to manage the money God has given us, and what our goals should be as it has to do with earning money. I like the way Driscoll categorizes people as it has to do with money.

    1.Righteous rich
    2.Righteous poor
    3.Unrighteous rich
    4.Unrighteous poor

    These can be subjective for sure, but does clear up some misunderstandings on this issue.

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