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Stop and read this

Posted in Christian Theology by sosipater on September 8, 2006

Ok, don’t stop now.  Please, please, please read this post over here by Russell Moore.  After you read it once, read it again.  And for us non-Southern Baptists just forget the “Southern” part.  After you read it, please forward it to other Christians you know, especially Baptists, and urge them to read it.  It think it is time we as Baptists, stretch our understading of God, family, and covenants a little bit in order to cover over this issue in our minds and hearts.  It is like this…children are a blessing and women are saved in childbirth.  Interpret this anyway you want, but this is what the Bible says.(I do think it needs interpreting, but I’m not going to do it here.)

Ok, let me play my hand and share some of my favorite quotes from this article.

I wonder how many Southern Baptist parents tell their newly married children to “wait till you get settled” before having children so “you can enjoy each other,” as though children will mean the end of romance. I wonder how many Southern Baptist churches greet a family with four or more children with a snide comment from a Baby Boomer about whether “you know what’s causing that.”

I wonder how many Southern Baptist churches these days devote time in their youth groups to teaching young boys to prepare for the glory of fatherhood? I wonder how many churches recruit older women to teach our girls that the greatest success they can find is not to be the first Southern Baptist female President of the United States or to tithe more money as a monied Southern Baptist bank executive but to be a wife and mother? Is it indicative of how far we’ve fallen for the American dream that it would be controversial in some conservative Southern Baptist churches even to say this?

Wow, that is controversial isn’t it?  And that’s the problem. 

But, at the same time, can’t we insist that our view of children be dictated by the Book of Proverbs rather than Madison Avenue or Wall Street?

Let’s pray for churches that welcome children, embrace families, and seek to evangelize and disciple our little ones, and the little ones in our neighborhoods whose parents will never join them in the pew. Let’s pray for churches that won’t idolize the Dual Income, No Kids picture of success mirrored on our television screens. Let’s teach our boys to want to be husbands and fathers, our girls to want to be wives and mothers, our familes to be evangelists. Let’s outbreed the Mormons and out-preach the Pentecostals. Let’s press the gospel upon a new generation, win them to Christ, baptize them, teach them, and see the Lord call them to the pastorate, to missions, to lay leadership.

Let’s pray for busy baptisteries and crawling cradle rolls. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter how respectable we are in the community or how large our capital budgets are. Without a next generation, we’ll just be Baptist dead.

All bold emphasis is my doing.  My word for the day…Wow.


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