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Young, Restless, & Reformed

Posted in Christian Theology by sosipater on September 1, 2006


Timmy over at his blog Provocations & Pantings has a great post on the article Young, Restless, & Reformed in the latest issue of Christianity Today.  I have also read this article, and my assessment is almost exactly the same as Timmy’s.

I was very encouraged by the article, thought it was fair, and from my perspective the author interviewed the right people.  I want to leave you with Timmy’s last paragraph, of which I could not agree with more.  In the article Joshua Harris speaks of the first time he interacted with some who held to reformed belief, and it was not a positive experience.  How common is that?  So Timmy has a similar experience and here is what he says:

God forbid that such a testimony is experienced among the “young, restless, and reformed.” If Calvinism produces anything, it is as Harris calls a “humble orthodoxy” – one which causes a person to be staggered by grace, fervently loving to the brethren, and relentlessly merciful to the lost.

That gets a hearty reformed Amen from me.


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  1. daxw said,

    I’ve come across Calvinists that have acted the same way. A lot of theology without a lot of love. I hope that I’ve never come across that way to anyone. Of course, if I do happen to act like that I have brothers like you to hold me accountable.

  2. Jesse said,

    I love the guy’s shirt. “Jonathan Edwards is my homeboy” – hilarious!
    Some of the reformed guys I have run across have been confrontational and argumentative, but I’ve got several reformed friends, and they’re pretty cool. 😉

  3. kennicon said,

    Jesse, you’re just saying that because you know you are wrong about everything you believe that is anti-Calvinistic. You wanna go? I’ll take you man!

    Russ — I got on here to make a post, so I thought I’d use it to do a little Jesse bashing since he has yet to see the light… I need a t-shirt that says “Jesse Perry is my homeboy” and on the back it will say “Even though he’s not reformed and he gives financial support to Joel Osteen and Lakewood Church ministries.”

  4. kennicon said,

    By the way… in order to do this I had to create a Wordpess account. It works, that’s what matters, but I’ve never had to do that before and I’ve been to several WordPress blogs. It’s posting the wrong blog address for me, so I’ll try to figure that out.

    By the way, Jesse, if you read that last post, I was kidding — I’m sure you know!

  5. sosipater said,


    I don’t know how to get around the need to be logged in to comment. Oh well, might as well be registered with one more internet site, right?

    Thanks for the comments guys!

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