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Big Spenders or Gridlock? You be the judge.

Posted in Government & Politics by sosipater on August 21, 2006

The Republican Devolution


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  1. stevethomas67 said,

    I never thought I would be happy to see gridlock but after reading this and observing what is going on today in the GOP,it might not be that bad.Honestly I am becoming less confident in politicians from any party to accomplish anything other than make themselves rich.I’m with Jesus,my kingdom is not of this world.

  2. daxw said,

    There is no difference between the two parties. They both have one goal in mind-an ever expanding massive federal gov’t. They just use different demographics to accomplish their means. The Dems always make promises to minorities that they are going to look out for them-yet they remain in poverty. The Republicans always promise Christians that they want to reclaim moral values-yet with a Rep controlled Congress for years abortion still remains legal. Both parties continue to make promises they don’t intend to keep while the federal gov’t just keeps growing larger and larger.

  3. sosipater said,


    You’re right, the Kingdom is not of this world, but does that mean we abondon this world? If Jesus wasn’t concerned with justice/politics here on earth, I don’t know why he instructed us on governmental matters, i.e. give to Ceaser what is Ceaser’s, etc. I think we need to keep in mind our primary citizenship is in heaver, but keep in mind we have a job to do here on earth.


    I pretty much agree. So what is a Christian to do? Give up? Third party? Reform current political structure? Take over by force? Pray? Lobby? All or some of the above? Other?


  4. kellyboro said,

    It’s not only at the fed level,start watching your local government. They do the same thing just in smaller scale.

  5. stevethomas67 said,

    There is a difference in having no confidence in our government and giving up.I have not given up.I still maintain that the problem I have with some christians and christian leaders is the amount of effort they put into trying to solve our country’s problems through political means.I don’t go as far as Steve Camp but I have a problem with being associated with a party that is supposed to speak and act on my behalf based on my beliefs.For many years now I have voted for republicans because they were closer to my worldview than democrats.I have heard some christians refer to republicans as the lesser of two evils.And the only reason a lot of christians vote for them is to keep democrats out.Well that no longer works for me because the lesser of 2 evils is still evil.
    So what is a christian to do?I plan to vote for christian candidates only.If there are none,well I’m not sure that I will vote.I do not believe it is a sin for a christian not to vote if it is based on conviction that only christians should be voted for.The only stipulations scripture gives us on government is to pay our taxes and obey the authorities and the laws they set unless those laws are unbiblical.Do I want to see abortion outlawed?Yes I do.If professing christians would stop having abortions the industry would crumble.How do we get christians to stop having abortions?By strengthening church’s.Well I don’t want to go to long with this.Is there hope with another party?I don’t know maybe.If one arises that uncompromisingly upholds biblical values I will be 100% behind it.I know brother that you and I are both in full agreement that the gospel is the only thing that will transform a nation.Well I have ranted long enough.Thanks for the post.You are doing a great job with your blog.Keep it up.

  6. daxw said,

    I would love to see a legitimate third party candidate that all Christians could get behind. You could even have a good Republican candidate,but it seems like when they get to Washington it’s like their loyalty is to the GOP rather than their constituents. People in general I feel do not have the confidence in voting for a third party candidate when it comes down to it. We need about a hundred more Ron Paul’s in Congress to really have an effect on our legislation. He is a strict follower of the Constitution breaking from the Republican Party on many votes that have come up in the House.
    P.S.-I’m not opposed to a take over by force either.:)

  7. sosipater said,


    I think if we are concerned with the direction of our government, the local level is where we can more easily get involved and start making a difference. What do you think?


  8. sosipater said,


    I found yours and Dax’s comments. Thanks for the post man. Let me offer up a scenario for thought. Lets say you have a leaking pipe in your house and can’t fix it. What do you do? I would guess most people would hire a plumber. When the plumber came to your house, would you only let him work on your pipes if he was a Christian? I’ll guess probably not, because you want Him to fix a pipe, not preach you a sermon or teach you the Bible, right?

    Ok, so, what is the purpose of a politician? Theoretically it is to keep order by means of enacting laws. So can a non-Christian do this? That is a tricky question, isn’t it? Up until lately I would say, yes unhesitantly. I think today I would still say yes, but more hesitantly, considering the war being waged in our country over the laws from which our country’s laws came from, namely the 10 commandments. I think these are very nuanced and hard to answer questions, and sometimes Christians come up with different convictions. That’s ok by me, as long as our convictions are consistent with the whole Bible, not just the OT or the NT or bits and pieces, you know what I mean.

    So, in no way are my comments meant to be a definitive answer to any questions, just some food for thought. I have been pondering this topic for well over a year, and this is a very complicated topic to sort out, at least for me.

  9. sosipater said,

    Dax, ie. Mr.sic semper tyranus,

    That is your new nickname, or would you prefer theono-Dax?

    Ron Paul is the man. I’ll say we need three hundred more of him.

    I’m all for a 3rd party too. Anybody have any suggestions? Constitution party?



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