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Theology Without Prayer is Idolatry

Posted in Christian Theology by sosipater on August 15, 2006

Oratio obviously includes praying as requesting but it is by no means limited to this, for prayer is a many-sided expression of a God-centered life. Being God-centered in one’s life is essential to being God-centered in one’s thoughts. This God centeredness is the sine qua non of good theology, for, without it, it is impossible to think our thoughts after God, which is what defines good theology. Prayer and theology, therefore, require the total orientation of the person-of heart, mind, and will — to God. Theology without trusting, submissive prayer is no longer good theology; it is merely an academic exercise which may itself pose as a substitute for the process of knowing God. Where this happens, the means has become the end in a kind of perverse idolatry. – David Wells

The above quote comes from an article by David Wells called “The Nature and Function of Theology”.  I have not read the article, but I thought the quote was incredible and I needed to pass it along before life moved on. How many people do you know who are all over theology and theological discussions but lack the Christian graces and prayer soaked attitude to make you really care what they are saying.  How many of those same people ask you if they can pray for you? If not, what theology are they studying?  I am writing to myself as much as anybody else.  My  pastor reminded us recently that nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.  That is a cliche’ I guess, but the truth of it shouldn’t be denied.  In the past I think I have fallen into the trap of prayerless theology, and still do today, a lot.  How about you?

(THFP:  Justin Taylor)


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