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McKinney Loses!

Posted in Government & Politics by sosipater on August 9, 2006

Democratic Congresswoman Loses Georgia Runoff for Re-election

I don’t know a thing about Henry Johnson Jr., but come on, can it get any worse?


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  1. daxw said,

    I googled Hank Johnson. Same ideology as McKinney.Surprised? He just seems to be very educated with a good grasp of the English language. Two things Ms. McKinney is obviously lacking. Can it get any worse than Mckinney? Probably not, and I have a good idea that it won’t get any better with Mr. Johnson. Just more of the same.

  2. sosipater said,


    Unfortunately, I am sure you are right. You can’t blame me for hoping though, can you?

  3. sosipater said,

    This just in. I heard on the Rush Limbaugh show a audio clip of Cynthia McKinney aides cursing and spewing for viciously anti-semitic slurs. If this is what passes for leadership in this country (or in Georgia), then we are in trouble.

  4. daxw said,

    We’ve probably not heard the last of McKinney. She will most likely do what most people in Atlanta who don’t become successful do–move to Savannah. Maybe she could run for the local district that represents Habersham Woods.Ha,Ha!

    Sidenote- Today, anyone who questions anything the Jews-oops I’m sorry-the Zionists do is considered an anti-semite. Whether it is accusing them of funding the world wars,manipulating the world banking system, controlling the mass media, targeting Lebanese Christians with bombs in Beirut, or even if you doubt that there were even 6 million killed in WW11 you are “anti semitic”. Somewhere right now I’m willing to bet that someone is saying that if you disagree with dispensational theology you are anti-semitic. When someone(like Mel Gibson) says “it’s the Jews” behind everything they really mean the Zionists. Not ethnic Jews in general. Now he(Mel) is falling all over himself to make amends with the Jewish community because if he doesn’t he will never work in the motion picture business again. Why? Because they(Jews) have been accused of controlling Hollywood,too.:)

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