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The First of Books

Posted in History by sosipater on August 7, 2006

 The American Revolution…is fixed forever. Washington began it with energy, and finished it with moderation.

Louise Fonaines, 1800

first-of-men.jpgI just finished The First of Men by John Ferling, a 513 page epic biography of George Washington.  This book covered Washington from his birth in the early 1730’s to his death at age 67 in December of 1799.  I could never do a book this in- depth any justice in a review, and I did not take notes, but read it rather hurridly.  Because of that, I would like to read more about our first president, but thanks to this book I feel I have a good foundation to build on.  Washington was a peculiar man, but determined to make something of himself.  This drive carried him to be the most honored and revered man alive in the infant United States. 

This is my third book by John Ferling and I continue to recommend his writing, even though while this book is exhaustively researched and thorough in many details of Washington’s life, it did not seem to be as polished or forceful as “Adams Vs. Jefferson” or “John Adams: A life“.  Nevertheless, it was an informative and engaging read, and I don’t think you could go wrong with adding this selection to your revolutionary period reading list.


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