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Cash Drops Chicks

Posted in Miscellaneous by sosipater on July 14, 2006

UPDATE:   Russell Moore comments on Johnny Cash’s below mentioned latest album release American V: A Hundred Highways.


Cash Drops Chicks

 I think I like that.

 (THFP):  The Pearcy Report


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  1. daxw said,

    I like the new blog. Two things-It is weird seeing Al Mohler and B.J.’s names together. Any particular reason you are reading Brian McLaren? Informational reading or interest in joining the emerging church movement? Just curious. Cool blog.

  2. sosipater said,


    Thanks for the comp.

    1. Yes, I noticed Dr. Mohler and BJ’s names were together. That is just where the alphabetical chips fell. Perhaps one day they can discuss infant salvation issues.

    2. I hope your last question was rhetorical! I am reading McLaren primarily for informational reading. (I bought it cheap at Book Warehouse!) But, having only read a bit he is a talented writer and has a gentle irenic style which I appreciate, but I’ll do a review or something in the near future.  I wanted to read a primary source along with D.A. Carson’s book if possible.  The emerging church is something I am interested in. Contrary to some, I don’t think it is going away any time soon. My thoughts are numerous about that topic, while mainly I am wondering if there is anything I can learn from the movement while rejecting what is Biblically unfaithful. Stay tuned.


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